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From all to nothing

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You keep turning until you face away from me. You stay there and sink down on your heels again. I follow the line of your legs up to the buttocks, get caught with my eyes in the shadow below them. You lift one foot and step to the side, separating your thighs, and bend forward, grab hold of your ankles and press yourself againt your legs. My eyes doesn't move. Without blinking I stare at your pussy. Complete shock. Tilt.

You straighten up, turn around and put your hands on your hips. Look at me and laugh softly.

"Hello? Was it that horrible?" You take a couple of steps towards me, bend over the table and take the wine bottle from my hand. I had forgot I held it. Your breasts swing naked in front of muy face when you straighten up, put the bottle to your lips and drink.

I blink and shake my head. "No," I finally manage to say, "just a bit unexpected."

You put the bottle down on the table, put your hands under your breasts and lift them. I stare and you laugh again. Your fingers move slowly over the soft curves, pinch the nipples.

"I didn't think you were that easy to shock."

Your hands move down again, over your stomach, light, slowly, caressing. I feel my face burn, in competition with the erection pressing against my trousers. Your fingertips play in the pubic hair. I hear them move against each other and realize in the silence that I'm holding my breath.

I empty my lungs in something between a sigh and a groan. "If you are trying to drive me crazy of horniness you can stop, because you've succeeded."

You keep still, the fingers of one hand between your legs. "And?" You are still smiling.

With an effort, I swallow. "So. Either you'll have to excuse me while I jerk off, or you stop, or you come here and kiss me and let me take over that job."

You stand motionless. Smile on your lips, fingers between your thighs, nipples half erect from pinching. Looking at me.

I squirm, horny, embarrassed. Try to keep focused on our teasing eyes, try to ignore my yearning after your body, my almost overbearing desire to rush to you, hold you, caress you, taste you... enter you.

"Can't you take any more?" You sound both hesitant and challenging.

"No, I can't take any more." Pleading. "Not if I can't touch you. Do you understand how hard it is to sit here, instead of ...?"

You only hesitate for a moment before answering.

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