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From all to nothing

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You turn around again, squat down and stand on all fours. "Go on, then."

I stare at your buttocks, your lips... "Huh?"

"Go on and jerk off, then." You lift a hand from the floor and put it between your thighs, covering yourself.

You bend two fingers, put between your outer lips, push them apart. The inner lips are dark and crumbled, glistening slightly of moisture. Between them, taut, closed, your wet opening. I stare, speechless, paralyzed.

You move your fingers, let one slide in you, slowly. Pull it out again, glistening, over your inner lips, down over your clitoris. Stop. Press a little, start moving it around.

I stare, paralyzed by shock and lust. Spellbound by the sight in front of me. You return to the opening, push both fingers in. Gathering more moisture, lubrication. You caress the little knob with both fingers, over, around, in a hypnotic movement that's trapping my eyes.

You rise up on your knees, fingers still between your legs, and look at me over your shoulder. "No?" you say, "weren't you supposed to do something?"

Suddenly I notice I'm so stiff it hurts, that my trousers keep it uncomfortably trapped. I haven't recovered yet, am still shocked, but the thoughts come tumbling over each other, quickly, chaoticly. You know that from behind is my favourite, I've told you that. And all porn flicks we've seen have taught you how to expose you to the max. The cold, analytical part of the brain works. But why? I don't understand. I shake my head. Not to say no, but to try to clear my thoughts.

"Tss, are you really going to miss this chance?" You lick your lips suggesitively. "Shall we see who comes first?" You lift your fingers, shining of moiture. Smile, open your mouth, suck on them, wet them with your saliva.

Not able to think any more, of consequences, meanings, endings, I unbutton my trousers, arch against the back of the couch so I can pull them down, free myself. My cock springs up, swaying.

I look you into the eyes, grab the shaft with one hand and squeeze. It's throbbing in my grip, You've made me so horny I don't know what to do.I close my eyes, begin pulling, slowly, take a deep breath and look at you again. You smile, mischievously, teasing, sexy. You nod and go down on all four again, spread your knees, bend forward. You press yourself towards me, open yourself to me. For my eyes, at least.

You fetch moisture from the opening, over and over again, until everything glistens under your fingers. Your fingertips slide over the inner lips, find the clitoris, push, begin to rotate.

My eyes are focused on your wet lips, your twirling fingers, while I pull slowly. Without thinking. I can't think any more. I see you caress yourself, pull to the sight of your wet lips. Brainless, thoughtless, almose unconscious of lust.

I feel how I throb under my fingers, feel a chill run through my body. Realize I'm about to come, and the last remaining brain cells make me put the other hand over. I explode. Shoot out my load against my palm in extatic pain, shiver with each convulsion. I hear a low moan.

I realize it was my moan. Release the cramped grip. See it relax, reluctantly, pull together. I see the white drops fall from my hand onto my thigh. Breathe deeply. Fall down in the couch from the arch I hadn't even noticed I had risen in. I close my eyes. Feel remorse.

I hear you breathe faster. Open my eyes. Your fingers are fluttering over your clitoris, your inner lips are even darker, your opening has pulled itself into a little wrinkly mark. You gasp as the orgasm washes over you, you shiver, shake, while your fingertips keep it coming.

It is over. For both of us. You let your hand fall to the floor. I feel the sperm run down my thigh as I stare at you.

You stand up and turn around. With flushed cheeks and a smile you look at the pathetic remains of my mandom, shrunk down on my leg. Look at me with glittering eyes. Your nipples are stiff, all pulled into hard little tops.

"Congratulations, you won."

   [-XA-]   [- -]   


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