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Behind the thoughts

A selection of thoughts on various subjects. Most have appeared elsewhere before, and have been translated or reworked before being presented here. Usually, they have been published either on the newsgroup, or the Swedish community LunarStorm. In the last case, they have been translated from Swedish and reworked to some extent before appearing here.

A lot of these consists of what I call egomining, by which I mean digging into myself to see what I can find, and, by extension, see how people in general work. I look at identity and choices, prejudices and duties, and try to nibble away at the layers we wrap ourselves in.

I would appreciate your comments or questions on what I write, and you are welcome to leave them anonymously, if you wish. Just follow the comment link on the top of each page.

I have been told that some RSS and Atom clients do not show the link to the item, and just shows the summary/description as if that was the whole entry. This is, to put it mildly, stupid. But to accommodate this stupidity, I will supply a link in the summary too.

Oh, I've moved from static HTML files to PHP, so I won't have to change every single file if I change the top menu. If you have bookmarked or linked to an article, you'll have to update it by changing the extension from ".html" to ".php".


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