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From all to nothing

This is a what-if story. Not in the sense of asking what would have happened if the English had lost at Agincourt, but rather asking "What would happen if the author wrote it this way instead?"

Well, here you have the chance to get some sort of idea. Occasionally, the narrative will break and you will see two or more [-A-] links. Each of those lead to a different outcome, that might in turn split further. As a rule, the leftmost link is the 'cooler' and usually ends the soonest.

As you read, the top of every page shows the path you've taken, as links leading to the beginning of previous sections. There is also a link that will give you all the sections in that path on one page, so you can print favourite path, bookmark it, or give someone else a link to it.

At the bottom of this page is a complete list of sections, ordered in a kind of narrative tree. A period after a section name indicates that the narrative ends there (there are quite a lot of endings, I notice). The section names - A, Q, XA etc. - are just there to help you navigate - they have no intrinsic meaning.

As a word of warning, the 'hotter' parts may contain explicit sex. I have been asked if this is a porn story, and... well, what can I say? I don't think it is. My purpose was to see if I could pull off writing in this rather special style, and to explore "attraction, action and reaction". The sex, where it appears, comes (I hope) naturally from those. As does the lack of sex, which, when it appears (i.e. when there is no sex) is just as important to the story I want to tell. But if you think it's a porn story, well, that's entirely up to you.

I first began working on this idea in late 2001, and added sections every now and then for about a year. However, I originally wrote it in Swedish, so I've been translating it to English the last year. I'm almost done. Some of the [- -] links are empty, either because I haven't translated that section, or because there's a section that's been planned but not written. Now that I've come to look at this again, I've got a lot of ideas and paths I'd like to incorporate, so I guess I'll return to this little story every now and then.

Click here to read From all to nothing from the beginning, and see what kind of story you end up with. For instance, if you want the shortest possible story, it's A B.

By following A C E G I K P X XA you'll find nudity, teasing and sticky stuff, whereas A C E G R S U V W WA makes a wistfully romantic story of yearning, love, wonder and misguided respect.

For the "porniest" story (so far), follow A C E G I K L N Y Z.

Last update: September 30th, 2006.


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