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From all to nothing

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I nod, sink down on my knees betwen your thighs. Put my hands on the couch to brace myself, lean forward. My head slides over your lips, over your clitoris, while I nervously lick my lips and slowly lean forward over your breasts, your face.

You grab my neck, pull me down, meet my hungry lips, my searching tongue. Kiss me, hard, deeply, intensely. Meet my yearning with lust. I feel your nipples against my chest as your tongue enter me, takes possession of me. I answer, dizzy with lust and the closeness of you. My tongue dance with yours, but you lead. My tensed arms tremble and I sink down. Meet your naked body, put my arms around your back, hold you, lift you. Feel your breasts press against me, your stomach against mine, your hot vulva against my cock.

Your hands slide over my back, take hold of my hips and push them away. I pull back. My cock slips over you and you catch it with one hand, squeeze it, leads it down, across your lips. Put it to your hot, wet opening.

You hold me there, throbbing, swollen. Stop me. Put your hand back on my hip, hold me away. I could force it in. You couldn't hold me. I could sink into you, deep. But I wait there, with the tip of my cock at the moist, tempting doorway. Without a will of my own. Dominated by you, directed by you. In the palm of your hand.

You kiss me with renewed passion and lift your hips towards me. Millimetre by agonising wonderful millimetre you let me come in. You're hot, wet, tight. You engulf me, devour me.

Your hands pull me forwards, downwards, inwardss, as you sink down again. Take me in, slowly. I moan in your mouth, forget the kiss, forget everything.

Slowly, infinitely slowly, I sink into your heat. You pull me in, until all of me has been caught by your tight trap. You let me rest there for a moment, happy in your hard embrace. Then push me out again, just as slowly. Your hands control me, deprive me of your closeness. I'm slowly pushed out until only the tip remains in your moisture.

You take my face in your hands and lift it, separate our lips. I stare into your eyes. They smile. You lift me higher and I have to let go of your back, brace myself with my hands to the couch. You rise me up, until I'm standing straight with the wonderful landscape that is you under me. My eyes roam over your soft, round breasts, the dark areola, down over your stomach, over your pubic hair. I see my cock, glistening of moisture, pointing into you.

"Keep that up," you whisper with a smile.

Slowly I move my hips forward, thrust in ultra-rapid. I stare, bewitched, enthralled by the miracle. I ache of lust, moan as I feel your slippery heat around me. In, all the way. Wait. See our pubic hairs tangle together. You flex your muscles around me, squeeze me, suck me in. I look up, meet your eyes. Pull out again, agonisingly slow, rest at the opening. You smile, and I sink in again.

"Please..." I close my eyes. Move slowly inside you. I can't take this. Horny as a teenage boy, despairing of lust. Your tight muscles, your heat, your slippery inside... Somewhere I know it's not your squeezing, not your juices. It's you. Naked. In front of me. Beautiful. You.

I'm inside you. Feel you. Years of dreams. Engulfing me.

I stop moving, inside you. Close my eyes hard. Swallow. Concentrate. Breathe deeply. Look up, pleading.

You raise your eyebrows and squeeze me. Smile. "Close?"

I nod, dumb, ashamed.

You raise your arms to me and I fall into your embrace, hold you, close. Hug you as you hug me. Feel the warmth of your body, breathe your scent. Sob.

You lift my head, look me deep into the eyes. Forgive me. No, tell me there's nothing to forgive, nothing to be ashamed of. Kiss me lightly on the lips. Raise me up, take my hand and put them on your breasts. Your breasts. I stand deep inside you and haven't touched your breasts before now. I caress them gently, sqeeze them with my fingers. Circle my fingertips around your erecting nipples, amazed.

"So come, then," you whisper. "We have all the time in the world."

Slowly, I pull put again, smiling. Let your beautiful eyes fill my world. Sink in, faster, savour you. Pull out.

Increase the tempo. Enter you, deeply. Pant, moan, try to hold it back. Thrust hard. Fill you. Tense, then shiver, shake, as the pulsating extasy overwhelms me.

I breathe deeply, panting, with closed eyes.

Your hands pull me down, hold me. I rest in your arms, on your soft breasts. Relax in you. Warmed by you. Sigh deeply.

Later, much later, I lie awake in your bed, waiting for the room to stop spinning around. My thoughts are spinning too, around you, your body, and your soul. They spin around two very different things - what is, and what could have been.

If I listen closely, I can hear your slow breaths beside me, and in the end that's what lulls me into sleep



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