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From all to nothing

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You look at me, demonstratively, from head to toes before you answer. "Okay."

You put your feet on the edge of the table, close together. Keep your knees together. You look at me, study me. Embarrassed I stand in front of you and try to appear unconcerned. I begin to soften, droop down.

You smile a mystical smile and nod. Let your legs fall apart. Show me your crotch, it's opening, held open by your widely separated legs. I stiffen again, at once. My face is hot as I blush, as I stare at your most secret folds. Shocked. Longing. The opening glistens of moisture, calling me. I look up into your eyes.

You look at my erection and smile. "If I get to see yours you get to see mine." You catch my eyes. "Okay?"

I swallow. "Okay?" I'm aching for you, but I remain standing on theother side of the table. I realise I'm still holding the wine bottle, and offer it to you with raised eyebrows.

You shake your head, slowly, so I put the bottle on the table. Stare at your crotch. Swallow again. You laugh, and I look up. See a mischievous glint in your eyes.

"Now that you've had some time to think," you say with a smile, "have you thought of anything else I might want you to do?"

I stare at you with open mouth. What are you saying? My eyes flicker between your face and your crotch. Do you want me to... My erection jerks, expectantly. I close my mouth, keep my despairing eyes at your face. Plead silently for help. It's your show. I'm just standing here, shellshocked, surprised, confused.

"Do you want..." I whisper hoarsely. Cough and clear my throat. "Would you like me to..."

You push the table towards me with your feet, push me back. Put your feet on the floor, wide apart. Wave with your index finger, order me to come, smiling.

Hesitantly, slowly, I walk around the table with my erection in front of me like a standard bearer. Step over your leg. Stand between your thighs, look down at your crotcht, your stomach, your breasts, your face.

You smile up at me. Turn your eyes to my stiff cock, reach out with a hand. Caress the head, along the shaft, over the sack. I shiver under your light touch. Take a deep, quick breath, close my eyes. You laugh quietly, put your fingers around it and pull slowly upwards. Every finger slipping over the edge of the head sends an electric shock through my body, and I twitch, again and again.

You let go of me. "But sweetie, are you horny?" Teasing, laughing. Lusty.

I open my eyes and give you a pleading look. Nod. I want to let my shaking legs go, sink down on my knees, enter you, bury myself in you. Fill you. But I can't. Intoxicated by wine and lust, helpless, I can't but obey. Your aura of control, your confidence, overwhelms me. I can't question your authority.

"Do you think that perhaps I might appreciate a kiss?" you ask coquettishly, but it is an order.

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