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From all to nothing

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My hands caress your back. Want to feel every inch of you, without me controlling them. My fingers play with the fine hair at the back of your neck and you shiver in my arms.

I become aware of a throbbing in my trousers, realise I'm pressing my erection hard against your stomach. It doesn't matter. You are close, you pull me down, you kiss me again.

The fingers of one hand caress your neck, while the other softly strokes your back, and down over your buttocks. You stiffen momentarily, relax and thrust into my mouth with your tongue. My hand meets the edge of your t-shirt, slides over. Carefully, I move over your firm muscles and pull my hand up again, under your t-shirt, over the edge of your trousers to your soft, warm skin.

Light as a feather I caress your back along your spine, over the bra and up to the neck. Then down again, while your tongue wrestles with mine. My nails follow the line of your spine. I hold you, hard. Press you against me.

My fingers are by your side and I follow the edge of the trousers along your back to the other side. You turn towards my hand without losing contact with my lips, invite me. I fold my hand, caress your stomach, move the backs of my fingers out and up, over your ribs. They meet the edge of your bra.

I stop. Think. I've touched you before, many times, in hugs and massage, but never your breasts or your crotch. I've never even seen them. I've set that limit myself. Never known how you would react if I broke it, but for my own sake, to have a limit to avoid trespassing, to not take more than you want to give...

I'm standing by the limit now. Hesitating. Thinking. My erection throbs almost painfully in my trousers. I'm still. My hand is almost touching your breast. I hesitate.

You let go of my suddenly lifeless lips. Tilt your head backwards and sideways. Look at me. Understand me. Smile.

"Your decision." Your voice is both neutral and challenging. Questioning.

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