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From all to nothing

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Now. Now your eyes close slightly. Now your head begins to tilt. Now I feel your body press against mine. Now. Now I begin to bend forward. Now your lips are opening...

Now you blink. Now you look at me as if you've never seen me before. Now you take a deep breath, stretch up, make a pout with your lips. Now you kiss me lightly on the tip of my nose. Now you let me go. Now I let my arms fall.

The enchantment is broken, and I notice I have held my breath. I exhale and close my eyes. So close. I don't know if I'd rather seen the film unroll as it should, or if I'm glad you broke free. I couldn't - I was trapped in my role.

When I open my eyes you are still standing in front of me, with a mysterious smile. I lift my hand and gently caress your cheek. You catch my fingers and squeeze them lightly, then you sit down again and I return to my own chair.

So we're sitting down again, on separate chairs with a decent separation, and lift our glasses to each other. I don't know what to say, but that's one of your charms. You're the rare kind of person one can be silent with. In silence, we look out over the lake.

Later, much later, I lie awake on the couch waiting for the room to stop spinning around. My thoughts are spinning too, around you, your body, and your soul. They spin around two very different things - what is, and what could have been.

If I listen closely, I can hear your slow breaths from the bedroom, and in the end that's what lulls me into sleep



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