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From all to nothing

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You give me a look over the rim of your glasses and raise your eyebrows. Then you heave a deep sigh and take a sip of wine. "Isn't just the thought of seeing me naked enough to speed up your heart?"

I have to concede the point, and stand up to fetch the wine bottle. "But a man can dream, can't he?" I say in my whiniest voice as I fill your glass.

"Of course, tiger, dream on." You pat my arm and smile. "It's only in your dreams you'll ever get anything."

It's my turn to heave a deep sigh. We sit silent for a while, looking out over the lake, before we find another, more neutral topic of conversation.

Later, much later, I lie awake on the couch waiting for the room to stop spinning around. My thoughts are spinning too, around you, your body, and your soul. They spin around two very different things - what is, and what could have been.

If I listen closely, I can hear your slow breaths from the bedroom, and in the end that's what lulls me into sleep



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